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Th 5/17 - Christmas 2008

Th 5/17 - Christmas 2008

For Christmas, 2008, two new people joined us for the holiday: Sayuri, an exchange student from Japan staying with Liz and Jim, and Kristine, John's girlfriend. Sayuri has gone back to Japan, but Kristine will be joining our family permanently this summer when she and John marry. It's so exciting!

These pictures are bittersweet in a way as Mom, suffering from Alzheimer’s since 2004, cannot make "Grandma buns" and lefsa now like she did in 2008. It is hard to see her lose ground, but it also good to look back and remember the good times. (May 17, 2012)

All I Want for Christmas by Jen Reed; Spring Love alpha by DS - Anna; Template 127 by Yin; Fonts: Lucida Handwriting Italic, Arial Bold, Arial

    I love this LO because it is not "over Christmased", like I do sometimes. Great photos and the template works really well.
    I really like this template for a double page layout and your background papers are so festive. Great photos and journaling.
    Great layout, Sue! I agree - it's so festive and all of the photos are so interesting to see - what a great story they tell!
    Your template makes such a pleasing composition for your two pages. Great photos.
    What a special two-page spread. I love they way your layouts look next to each other and how your wonderful photos look lined up across the page and how you alternated horizontal and vertical pics. I also really like the colors you used and enjoyed reading your notes. Sara's right - they tell such a great story! :)
    Great page! Love all the photos. It's hard to make a pleasing page when there are tons to photos to include...you did it wonderfully! Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the journaling. That is what makes a the page truly special. And thanks for joining the challenge today!
    This is great! i love the composition, how you kept it simple and well-balanced, and it's yet so rich in meaning. Really enjoyed your journalling too.
    Lovely photo, I really like the template on these two pages. The circles look great and the colors are lovely.
    Caught my eye right away. I like your arrangement of photos - nicely symmetrical!