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H is for HAPPY!

H is for HAPPY!

I chose H for Happy because I am just always so happy!

I used Syndee's Super 7 for my ATC

    You're on a roll, Sara, love the super 7 you used it fits perfectly with Happy. Love the flowers and borders, great quote too.
    This is a nice bright HAPPY atc. Nicely put together and a nice quote to use.
    GREAT adjective for you personality Sara - and I love your card! Your journaling ir right-on and I really like all the bright and cheery colors you used, it truly does look so HAPPY! Wonderful ATC, :)
    Love it Sara. It's such a pretty card and is so you. Love those pretty flowers and borders that you used. Great card.
    Love this! Especially your quote -- made me laugh! I think I may have to "lift" that one for sure! Love your "happy" colors!
    This card makes me HAPPY Sara!!! So fun and bright :)
    What a bright, perky, delightful card! I like the simple font and wonderful quote. It's a good thought to remember, too. I especially like the black scalloped edges on the top and bottom. To me, they give that "finished" feeling and a bit of punch, contrasting with the bright colors.
    Gosh, Sara, I thought I had commented on this already, but I see that I didn't! Oops -- sorry about that. :rolleyes: Better late than never!

    I absolutely love the bright colors and the wonderful patterns of dots, checks, and flowers. You picked just the right look for your quote! Just looking at this card makes me happy.
    Awesome quote and stunning colors. Absolutely lovely card. I love the flower embellishments. Such a happy card.
    Great Quote on such a colorful and fun card. I love it!