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I love flowerphotos and I love close ups but I usually don't make LO's of it, beacause I think the flowers talk for themselves, and I don't want to over-do it.

I used:

The styles in the alpha is my own, I have been playing in CS6 lately.

    Interesting contrast between the background & the closeup.
    Stunning photos and layout. The flower close ups are really beautiful and I like the photo in the alphas. The blending is perfect.
    Your layout speaks for itself! Beautiful depiction of this flower. Love the larger photo blended into background.
    Beautiful flower and a beautiful layout. I see these flowering shrubs all over the Botanical Garden and have taken lots of photos of them. They are so pretty and very delicate looking.
    Love this. The background photo is a wonderful background for the macro photo. Beautiful, soft and airy feel to this LO.
    You're right, the flowers alone make a beautiful LO, but your arrangement really makes them shine. Nicely done!
    So cool the way you've contrasted your background with the closeup shot. I like your alpha too.
    You've created a lovely background for the close up photo.

    Spirea hold a special place in my heart because we had several in the yard when I was growing up and they were in full-bloom on my wedding day. We had our reception at my parents' house and they are seen in several of the photos.
    Gorgeous!! Love the way you've created your background by blending paper templates and photo. Such a cool blended effect!
    neat way to show scale with the full plant in the background & the blended close-up. :)