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Friday Challenge 18 May (Flowers)

Friday Challenge 18 May (Flowers)

Okie i'm late as usual. =)

i know Belle said to use more flowers if we feel especially spring-like, but these photos were actually taken in winter! We were in Taiwan for our honeymoon, and as a tropical animal this was my first ever experience in a temperate region. From what i understand, Taiwan doesn't normally get freezing winters, and for most of the time we were there the temperature hovered around 13 degrees Celsius. Maybe that's why these flowers could survive...

    Beautiful! How wonderful to have pretty flowers like this in the winter! Thanks for sharing!
    Never late - still a few more days until next friday's challenge is the way I figure it! Pretty photos and I enjoyed reading your interesting notes about Taiwan. I also really like how you arranged yout pics.
    This is beautiful. I love the flower photos and the bg paper. Lovely embellishments and word art/font. The flower challenge was one submitted by Dianne, Florida Granny. Mine was the previous week.
    First, as MariJ mentioned, you aren't late. I suppose you have until next Friday, but sometimes we've been known to put layouts up even later. It's all good. :D

    This is lovely! You took some great flower photos, and I especially like seeing the bee! Nice picture of you, too. Very pretty background and delicate embellishments, and I love the font you used for your title, too.
    Very lovely, and I really like your design with the cluster tying the beautiful photos together. Your title is a really nice touch. Thanks for joining in the Friday Customer Submitted challenge!
    What lovely flowers! I especially like the photo of you presenting them or embracing them, I'm not sure which. The alpha you used is fun, and I also like the silhouette of the bamboo tree.
    I really like the photo cluster of those beautiful flowers and the center embellishments. I too really like the bamboo tree silhouette and your background paper. The colors are all so pretty together.
    Lovely layout. Love the photos of those beautiful flowers, the flower and ribbon cluster, and the pretty background paper. Everything goes so well together.