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Tulip Vignette

Tulip Vignette

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Going Home Collection

    Wow, beautiful tulip vignette! I love your pretty tulip photos and all the many different places on the page you found to place them -- even the rug! Gorgeous framing, too.... Lovely layout. :)
    Really fun. I love the tulips everywhere...including the rug! Love the door palate too. The pink just pops right out. Great job.
    Wow! This is just wonderful. So creative and clever. I love the tulips everywhere - even on the rug. :D I love the black and white color scheme as well.
    I love the carpet, door and photos. Pretty colors. You have got a beautiful 'room' here.
    I love, love, love this layout. I love Tulips and you've got them all over the page. I love the Tulip carpet and all the framed photos of Tulips on the dresser and the wall. Love the screen door and the Tulips trying to get inside. Beautiful.
    How fun. Love seeing tulips everywhere you look.
    WOW...WOW...WOW! This is amazing! I think my favorite, other than just the quantity of tulips you were able to arrange so well, is the rug. What a cool idea!
    ^^^^ What she siad..WOW it's so pretty. I love tulips too. ;)
    What fun! I love the black and white with the pretty pink tulips. It's so fun that you created such a neat collection of tulips!
    Fun LO & great idea! :)