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Thursday Challenge 5/24/12 -- Really?

Today's challenge is to create a LO that shows a little HUMOR! You could go with an absolutely silly picture, an embodiment of a great joke or tricky witticism, pics of people laughing (and the story behind the laughter makes it all the richer), or my very favorite...over-the-top ridiculousness!!! Whatever you choose, your goal is to give me (and everyone else ;)) something to laugh about.

This is a pic I took yesterday while walking around town. I've been down this alley hundreds of times and have never seen this before. It struck me as VERY FUNNY. You should know, that the true meaning of the sign has to do with the solar panels that are all over the building. But sometimes even I think I'm so powerful that I could alter the solar system if I really want to. LOL!

Thanks for looking! Can't wait to see yours!







MRE_Style_Paper Tear;






SBA_Style_Basic Shadows;

FONT: Arial

Photo Information for Thursday Challenge 5/24/12 -- Really?

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That's funny. Love the photo and string and swirls. The background paper is lovely and you can see the photos very clearly. Lovely fun layout.

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This is really good! I like your take on the sign. LOL The sun, dotted lines and buttons with the strings are great additions. The red portions, like your title, the signs and the journaling, really pop!

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