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Thurs Challenge_5/24_Declan Be You

Thurs Challenge_5/24_Declan Be You

LOVED this challenge, Debbie...thanks!

Ang Campbell is turning into my hero this month! I liked this paper and it reminded me of an old 45 rpm record, and since they are at a booth (minus the jukebox :-( ) I went with that. The word art reminded me of "be good" as in "Johnny Be Good." It only uses the paper and one word art from the cute Spots and Stripes Collection Biggie. None of this may make sense to SGs under age 50?

Declan talks with his hands, and after he asked us if "this is the original Bob Evans" we knew we were in for some fun.

Journaling: So, is this the original Bob Evans, Poppy? I thought so. Can you drink hot chocolate with a straw? Do you want some of my hot chocolate? Can I wear your hat to keep the sun out of my eyes?

    Well this surely pops out in the gallery Dot! Loving your journaling inside the black circle frame; inside the bright cheery colored background.
    How cute. I bet he is a character! Love the bright colors. And I remember45s and "Johnny Be Good".
    Very cute and I love the colors and the record! Kids are so fun!
    Well that's just adorable!! How fun :) (And I'm not quite sure I've ever been called a hero but I'll take it hehehehe. Glad you had fun with Spots and Stripes! It's one of my fav design projects to date :) )
    This is so very cute. I love that you used his quotes around the disk. And the papers are just full of energy (like Declan is, I would guess). Wonderful page. Thanks for joining the challenge, Dot.
    I love your cute photo and fun journaling. The background paper is lovely and I like the way you mad it look like a record. Bright and cheery fun page.
    What a fun layout, Dot! Loved Declan's conversation! And I so agree, Ang is my hero too! (I just love her happy collections!)
    Love this Dot and yes - when I saw this on the MB I thought it looked like the old 45 records! (does that date me???) :D I love how bright and cheerful your page is and your journaling and photo is funny and made me smile. I really like your framing and the bits of color around it and how you used different colors in your journaling. Great page! :)
    This is adorable, Dot! And, yes, I remember juke boxes on the table - and Chuck Berry singing "Johnny B Goode" back when music "had a nice beat and you can dance to it", as the kids on Bandstand would say. :lol: (Guess I'm hopelessly over the hill.)
    Great design and I especially like how your round journaling looks like a record title. Great happy colors, too. Declan must be a hoot to spend time with!
    Such a bright and happy layout. The boy sure is cute. And obviously loved. I love the journalling also. Yout title is also perfect.