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Kynuna Hotel

I am trying to create pages of a holiday I did way back in 1975 - my first trip without my parents. The photos are all in sticky page albums so I want to get them out and scanned as they are starting to turn funny colours.

The "now" photos were found on the web.


The reason for the arrow and name Kim pointing to the young man in the photo will all be revealed eventually on a page.

Photo Information for Kynuna Hotel

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I like the color combo you used Anne-Marie and how you placed your photos and journaling. Wow, what a difference in that hotel now and then. Sure hope it cleaned up all the way around.

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I'm sorry but I laughed when I read this, typical 1975 aussie country pub mentality... I do like how you have scrapped your page and included the personal reminiscence, it personalises the page, great colours and a fun photo with the old pub and the 70s fashion!!!

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Great layout. I love the background paper, color is definitely 70's. Your title is also very retro. Remember getting away from our parents and they couldn't find us, no cell phones. Well done!

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Cute story. This is one thing you will never forget. Glad you are scrapping it. Love all the colors and the now and then photos.

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