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This is a little piece of who I was and who I am now. There was much more journalling originally, but I cut it back because it was sounding like a bit of a rant.

Oh, and yes that is me, aged about 9months, at least that's what my Mum thinks.

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    Darling! I love you all about me card, Valerie! Sooooo sweet!
    This is precious! I totally love it!
    How clever that you used your initials to start all the words. I love the journaling and the title. Cute photo and pretty colors.
    This is wonderful! I love the design, and the blended picture is not only precious but very effective as a background under your journaling. Adorable is not just in looks, you know, and the Valerie we know and love certainly is! I think there are different kinds of energetic - the fact that you "keep on keeping on" with Ben tells me you are energetic in a calmer, more productive way. You are the perfect Valerie just as you are! Thanks for sharing so much about yourself, and for joining in this week's Friday Customer Submitted Challenge. :)
    The journaling is so cleaver! I love the alphas too! Great job.
    I like your page, especially all the personal notes about how you see yourself. The idea of using a letter for each comment is very effective. I like your blended photo under everything, too.
    Love that little cutie smile! Baby-you makes a wonderful background for your journaling. What a great idea using the different letters of your name to describe yourself! I love the letters and how they are embellished, too.
    The colour of the alpha ties in your jolly baby photo beautifully and I really like the word choices you used to describe yourself... and for a long name! We have learnt a lot more about you and for what it is worth, I agree with Gayle, you must have more energy than you think! Great idea, almost looks like an ATC!
    What an adorable baby you were with such a sweet smile. Love the alpha & you did a great job matching characteristics with the letters.
    This is lovely Valerie.. Wonderfully sweet photo and I really liked your heartfelt and honest journaling.