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Tuesday Freebie Challenge 22 May

Tuesday Freebie Challenge 22 May

Funny how looking at our kids' tiny shoes can evoke the bittersweet emotions that only parents will know. The white shoes were my daughter's very first, and the blue flip-flops were probably the second or so of a long line of Winnie the Pooh or Tigger themed flip-flops that my son was worn. (We refer to them as slippers over here.)

Yes, Mummy loves Winnie the Pooh. =)

Edited to add:
The text is an excerpt from the poem 'Baby Feet' by Edgar Guest.

    What a marvelous and creative page! The photo is beautiful and I love how it blends with the freebie paper. The poem/prayer is so touching. Yes, I think we all feel that way about our little ones. I also love the little feet embellishments and especially the way your children's names follow the shape of the shoes.
    This is beautiful. The poem the colours, everything. Lovely work. Kay
    This is a great page and you have inspired me to dig out my daughter's first little shoes and photograph them.
    I like how you have arranged the shoes and typed around them. Also as I do like the beach I like background you created.
    I love this layout! Great job with the blending and paper choices and the journaling is darling! wtg!
    Gorgeous! The paper workls so well with the beachy theme and I love how you tied it all together with the poem... lovely :-)
    I really love this LO. Into my favorites.
    Awwwww. I love this!!! Beautiful blending and such a sweet poem with the pic!!
    Wow thanx for all the sweet comments ladies! (Thanx for ignoring the typo too, i only noticed it after i uploaded the file, and people had already started to add comments... whoops!)
    Aw, this is so sweet. I love your slipper photos and the lovely poem. Great blending and colors. I just love everything about this.
    oh this is just beautiful. and I totally know what you mean. we were going through my daughters' wardrobe the other day (she is 14) and found her very first pair of shoes...shiny black buckles...ooooooooh sooooooo cute!!!
    great layout