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May 2012 ATC - "K" is for 'Knotty'

May 2012 ATC - "K" is for 'Knotty'

I was trying to think of something different for my second round letter, so here's "K" for knotty. I often feel quite "knotty" - never heard the word used as an adjective or personality trait this way, but since it fit both my personal and letter requirements I gave it a go!

For this ATC I used:
KVE BelleFiore Collection Mini
TDD Everyday Alpha
and my own photo

    Wow! What a wonderful word to describe your personality... this is a rarely seen side of you Marilyn... thank you for sharing that you also have difficult times and are tied up in knots too... I love the tree inside the bell jar... it kind of portrays your inner turmoil ( I assume that was intentional!!).... the wooden alpha and the wonderfully descriptive words really paint a picture and knotty is such a great way of summing all that up... isn't it curious how words used to describe those gnarling tree branches can so perfectly transpose into describing a feeling? This is a great contrast to your other ATC too... gives us a lot of insight into who you are. Thanks for sharing :-)
    What a neat photo and I like all the synonyms.
    Love the photo of that knotty tree in the bell jar. And all those great words describing what knotty means. I feel knotty too sometimes, and can relate to all those words. Great ATC.
    I thought that jar looked familiar!

    Very interesting layout!
    This is so clever and creative, Marilyn! I like your take on this month's challenge. Very cool photo - and certainly very knotty, and I like how you put it into a jar. I like your wood-style title, too, and the words all around the page. Great ATC! B)
    Very clever rendition! Your word, knotty, sounds ever so much like "naughty....but I'm sure that one wouldn't fit you!
    Wow Marilyn, your ATC really stood out on the gallery. This is really wonderfully creative and expressive. I love it. Fabulous photo of the Knotty tree and great placement in the glass jar. Sometimes things are more easily seen than understood and it takes depth and patience to work through it all. Masterful design!
    Great photo to go with your word and 'Ditto' what Jody said. Very clever layout.
    Very clever, I love how you added all those descriptions round the edge, love your knotty tree too.
    Great idea! That isn't a word that I would have thought to use, but it is certainly one a lot of us seem to identify with (myself included). I like the jar framing your photo and how you jumbled the other words around it.