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May Swap Crop for Jo - Fire Broom

May Swap Crop for Jo - Fire Broom

Jo sent me beautiful photos of this Fire Broom bush. The colors were so vibrant and soft and I thought this photo really captured how bright yet delicate it seemed to me. Sorry its a couple of days late. I did not upload it before I left on Friday and I just returned.

Fire Broom Cytisus Scoparius

    Wow! This is gorgeous. I love that background paper and of course the butterfly. Love how you added little flowers to the twig frame. Jo your photo is beautiful. At first I thought it was an orchid until I read your description and looked it up on the internet. Who knew that Brooms (a group of evergreen, semi-evergreen, and deciduous shrubs) could grow such gorgeous blooms. Just shows to go you. lol

    The paper is gorgeous, the frame is gorgeous and of course the butterfly is gorgeous. I need to go find that paper and butterfly in my stash. Beautiful layout.
    Pretty border. The soft color of your background really makes the photo stand out. The twig frame is a neat choice, too. I didn't know broom came is such bright colors, either.
    Beautiful flowers and I think just the perfect frame for the pretty photo. That butterfly looks like it's going to fly right off the page. Very pretty.
    Such a pretty photo and I love the way you framed it!
    Oh my Cheryll Ann! The flowers just pop off the page and command attention! You created a Gorgeous layout with my pictures! I especially love the twig framing around the picture and the framing around the whole layout! Really wonderful layout! Thank you soo much!!