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May Monthly Challenge - Flower

May Monthly Challenge - Flower

This theme of scrapping a flower close up caught me as I don't take many flower photos (mostly cos I can't grow any!) so on the weekend when I was in the country I took a couple of roses closeups and some other plants - who knows what THEY were... and while I was standing there trying to focus this one... (point and shoot camera on a windy day!) the butterfly almost landed on me several times and then proceeded to pose for me... so I got my close up and the lovely green foliage plus the little visitor. We are heading into winter and it has been pretty wild here lately so I was just happy to get photos of flowers that weren't damaged :-)

Quote says: Butterflies are self propelled flowers. R. H. Heinlein

LLO_PaintedNature_Emb_Special_Leaf (today's freebie - perfect timing!)
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    WOW, Jode -- This is wonderful! Love what you did and amazingly for you - you did it with flowers and yellow! :D Really like the big gorgeous photo background and how you framed and highlighted the butterfly. I also really like your beautiful embellishment clusters and how you gave your stunning photo main focus on the page. Good work and I really enjoyed looking through this layout! :)
    Great LO, Jody! I like how you were able to tame the business of the photo and draw attention to the butterfly. And, that is a great quote!
    Wow Jody! Aren't you lucky getting that butterfly to stay still long enough to take it's photo. Using the green photo background works well because of that lovely butterfly. I know what you mean about finding flowers in autumn! Love the quote.
    You snapped the butterfly at a great time when you can see both wings so nicely, the top and the bottom and the difference in the shade of colors. I like how the background portion of the photo is lightened bringing clarity to the butterfly area. Love your leaf embellishment and lovely flower embellishment, especially the little jewels in the center.
    This is stunning, Jode! Great catch with the butterfly on the flower. You've created a very interesting background too.
    How cool to have a butterfly land right in front of your camera... the little show-off.! :lol:

    Beautiful photo. I also love the larger photo as background. I also love the not-entirely natural yellow flowers with sparkle centers that you've sprinkled around the greenery. They emphasize the colors in the butterfly and look lovely on the page. Love the quote, too!
    beautiful catch! Love it when those little beauties ham it up!