That little layout was for the General Hospital Freebie (Chicken Soup Tag). It's already gone, but the other goodies are:

General Hospital Collection Biggie

General Hospital Paper 2

Parisian Collection Biggie

French Country Collection with English WordArt

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This is so cute. I love the chicken, journaling and the colors. The texture of the grey paper is lovely and the red circles look like they are cut out.

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A dear tribute to a ‘Momma Memory’. They become more precious with every passing year.


My mother’s ‘sickness special’ was Ginger Ale, and I adore the taste to this day. So funny that we only had it in the house when you were sick—LOL. Being Georgia-born, I’ve always been a Coke-lover (from the REAL Coca Cola Co.); but I would stick a 6-pack of Ginger Ale in my grocery cart every now and then as a ‘treat’. To this day, it’s something you have just every now and then—something ‘special’—and I think it all harks back to being sick as a child and having my mother bring me that glass of special nectar with a straw in it. Aren’t memories wonderful!!!

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