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May Flowers - Orchid Show

This is one of the Orchid pictures from my visit to the Redlands Orchids Show.


















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Wonderful page! The photo is fantastic and I love the background colors. Pretty flower cluster and bows too. I love it!

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Oh, YAY! I was hoping we'd get to see more photos from the Orchid Festival. :) Wow, this one is stunning - I love how you zoomed in closeup to the petals, but muted the background - it's a gorgeous shot! I also really like how you framed it with embellishments on opposite corners. Your background is so soft and pretty and I like how perfectly it matches with the pic. Spectacular layout - I can only imagine how wonderful the show must have been. :)

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Beautiful orchids and photo! I love the color combo here and how you used it in your background. Pretty frames and clusters, too. I can't get enough of these wonderful orchid photos of yours!

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This is a very nice page showing of those lovely orchids. I like the background papers you have created ( or used ).

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Very pretty, the photo & the background. I love the way the flowers pop off the background of the photo & the layout background is lovely - the curved border is an especially nice touch.

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I love orchids and I really like the 3D effect with the extracted the flowers placed over the original photo. Lovely background paper too.

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Wow! I love orchids too, and never miss our New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show every year. Pretty frame and lovely flower cluster. I really like the background papers that you used, they are so pretty and I love the colors.

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