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May 2012 ATC - "P - Perceptive'

Here's my Round 1 May ATC, "P" for Perceptive. I am very perceptive - sometimes to a fault, but it does come in handy! :)

I'm re-uploading this layout because my original was moved to the Weekly Layout Winners Gallery and I wanted a copy to still be with the other alphabet letters in the ATC Gallery.


For this ATC I used:

PWR A Fairy Story Collection

SNU Brush Set: Painted

and my own photo

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Photo Information


Glad you did - I look to the gallery to see if I have all the cards. I would have been confused. And it's so beautiful!

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Still a fabulous card. You created a beautiful card and I love that girl with the wild hair and skinny legs. She is too cute.

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This is just a great card . . . love the image of a young girl to symbolize "perceptive." And the eyes tie it all together!

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This is beautiful. I love the characterization of the fairies in being perceptive, they're so whimsical but always there when you need them! Your photo in the background really hits the nail on the head of the quiet knowing perception requires. Awesome card.

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