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Friday customer challenge Wet Molly


© Kathy Engelhardt

Friday customer challenge Wet Molly

This is my sweet granddaughter Molly enjoying her first fountain pad in Downtown Disney. She loved getting squirted. The talk bubbles read:
1. The ground is really wet here.
2. It looks like a hole.
3. Yes, definitely a hole.
4. I wonder what's in it?
5. Cool, it's a little fountain.
6. Wow, It's a BIG fountain.
8. It was fun while it lasted.
9. Mom, did you bring any dry clothes?
Thanks for choosing my idea to use talk/speech bubbles on a layout.

    Oh, this is SO adorable! She is absolutely precious and I love how you laid out the pictures and used the speech bubbles! Great LO!
    This is so cute!!! Lovely photos, and what a cute concept. i really enjoyed reading the whole comic! =)
    So cute and beautifully planned. Love the procession of photos and your very funny thought bubbles. Your GD is too cute!
    Really cute & so clever of you. Great photos & I just love your bubbles.
    This was really great!!! Loved the whole thing! How creative!
    It reads like a comic strip. It's super fun...and oh so cute! What a sweet little one to watch playing. Great pics too. Thanks for the cool challenge! :D
    So fun and absolutely adorable!
    What fun! She's adorable and I love arrangement of the photos -- almost like a cartoon stip. Great talk bubbles, too.
    The photos and the speech bubbles are adorable. I love the way you made the whole page with just photos. Great idea for a challenge and a cute fun page.
    This is such a cute "play by play" cartoon layout of your GD; who is so adorable here! You did a really great job on the picture taking! Cute talk bubbles too!