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It must have been a few minutes before I looked out the window to check on the boys again and noticed John was gone. I was very distraught, running all around the yard, searching desperately for my little boy.


Fortunately, my distress did not last long. Shortly after I started searching, a mechanic from the corner garage came by our house --- carrying a little boy and a toy mower. "Is this little guy yours?" he asked. "I found him on the county road heading north out of town! You should keep better watch over your kids!”


I felt about an inch high, and knew I was the worst mother in the world, but I didn’t care.

I was almost hysterical with relief that John was safe and sound and back home again.


(photo of three boys taken around the time the story happened, but now the same day)


Snowflakes by DS - Anna; Holiday Sugar Cookies alpha (re-colored) by FD; CU textures; Font: Teen Bold

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You seem to be a good story teller besides being a good scrapper.:P I saw this earlier and came back to LSL. Both pages are great!

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