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Need help here. This the first of two. Did this one, but didn't quite like it. Can't tell exactly why, my best explanation is that it is too formulaic. Opinions, please?


Text reads:


26 March 1998

I was so frustrated. He brought me home and everyone who hadn’t seen him in years asked if I was his wife. “Not yet!” What?!?! Did I miss something? And what should I say then? His Mom said I should call her “Mom” like all of his friends did. If we were less intimate it would have been fine or if there was a proclaimed relationship, it would have been f ine...but for the time being I just couldn’t. All I knew was that I really wanted more than we had and in spite of being part of the wedding, he was very attentive to me. Little did I realize his intentions were far grander. So when he dragged me away as they were opening the last gift I was a little surprised. But then he stopped suddenly and dropped to his knees and shouted, “Anne Marie LoForte, will you marry me?” Every female in the room squealed as his mom climbed over several folks to get to us first. All the fathers beamed as if was their doing, while they snapped away with cameras. I answered him before he’d even finished the question and then we bonked heads because I leaned down to kiss him as he came up to kiss me...the rest of the evening is little more than a hazy happiness.

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Well, I'm certainly not an expert, but this one seems to center on the journaling card and cluster, your wonderful photo is the last thing my eye is drawn to The red ribbon is such a contrast, that's the first thing I see. I think you have a start on a great page.

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