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Vecka 15 Books

Vecka 15 Books

The journaling says:
"The new favourite way to "read" books. At least one per week"

I listen to books in my iPhone on the way to and from work. That's a bit over an hour a day. Then I listen when I cook dinner, clean the house, walk the dog - well, most of the time in fact!

I used:
AFT_Life montage

    I love reading ebooks too. :) Nicely done.
    I'm still reading the paper books, but am looking into electronic. Interesting layout!
    Great layout. Like the background paper. I should try this. Never have time to sit and read a book, but love books.
    So funny! iPhones are very addicting, I'm thinking. :lol: I love your graded color background. Great phone and headphone extractions, too.
    Very cool techno layout! I do love my kindle!
    I love the blended background paper. It gives the layout a really interesting look. Simple but effective.
    Lovely page. I also like my Audible books. Nothing puts me to sleep faster.Posted Image Love your layout.