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Tuesday Freebie Challenge 29 May

Tuesday Freebie Challenge 29 May

For those who remember me posting a status update about my Wiggles concert spread, this is part of the solution. i realised i was trying to include too many things and tell too many stories in one spread, so i took this story out of the mix and attempted to give it the attention it deserves. i say 'attempted', coz at this time of night (3.42am) i simply don't want to think about it anymore. i already have strange files and folders that i named extremely strangely lying around this project. They must have made sense at the time when i was fighting the zzz, but now i simply don't remember why on earth i named the rose graphic after the Apostle Paul, unless that was the default file name when i snagged it off the internet... *shrugs*

Anyway, in case it's too small, the journalling reads:
The last time The Wiggles were in town, Neko-chan was sick and confused and refused to surrender his rose to the Wiggly Dancer who came to collect them for Dorothy the Dinosaur. This time round, Greg Wiggle himself came down the aisle, and the little guy couldn’t wait to hand it over! Mummy had missed the crucial moment, but managed to catch the next best thing - this shot of Greg posing with The Rose!

    Wonderful photos and I love your journaling! The simple white paper makes a great background to the colorful photos and embellishments. I especially like the red rose and ribbon going across the page. When my grandson was smaller, he loved the Wiggles, too. :)

    I got a kick out of your comments under the layout. Too funny.
    Great layout. Looks like fun.
    Cute page! Your photos are great and I like how you arranged them. Also really like your rose background and the strip of lace you used. I enjoyed your story and journaling, too! :)
    This is really sweet and how wonderful that you went to see The Wiggles in concert. Neko-chan must have been so proud to hand over his rose this time especially to Greg Wiggle. Your photos are a great depiction and I love your journaling. The rose and ribbon really bring it together.
    Looks like you found a great solution! What a fun story and I like how you've scrapped it. :)
    We loved the Wiggles when the girls were little! I miss them...dh and I used to sing along! We saw them in concert twice. I love the arrangement of your layout your journaling!
    One does strange things at 3:42am.Posted ImageI love your story and the wonderful photos. How exciting this must have been for him. The paper is lovely and I really like the word art.
    Cute layout and lovely photos. I love your journaling and he looks so proud with the rose. I like how you added that strip of lace across the page and the roses in the background.
    lol...totally understand the middle of the night file naming. ^_^ Either way, cute LO. Looks like your little guy had a wonderful time.
    Love the LO and love the journaling! I think it definitely deserves its own page! I like the composition of the layout and the way the border treatment and lace work so well with it!