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Thursday Challenge

I really battled with this layout. This is my 3rd attempt. Supplies in EXIF

Bertha Shannon takes her little tea cup piglet all over with her. Skyla is very loved and spoiled.

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Oh, Belle, this is just adorable. Love the photos of that cute little piglet. Love the striped background paper being used for lines. Very smart. Love those little piglets on the top of the page. So cute.

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Skyla is kind of cute. Neat story & nice series of photos. I especially like the pig cartoon embellishments.

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Ahhh - who knew a pig could be so sweet. I really like your series of photos. I, too, like you cartoon drawing pigs. This is really great, makes me wish I hadn't had a BLT for lunch.

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Awww... those little teacup pigs ARE cute!!! Fun story and you worked lots of lines into this... paper, photostrip, journalling... well done!

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