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re-JUNE-venate 1 - "My Collection"

re-JUNE-venate 1 - "My Collection"

Dusty has at least three Frisbees at all times. We usually have to throw all three before he will chase one of them.

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(Starred items were those chosen for Task 4)


    This is so fun! I love how the dotted paper and the stitched circle border tie in those Frisbees. Great job with this. :)
    Cute photo! Dusty sounds like a discerning dog. :D I love the circle embellishments, like little frisbees, and also the dotted paper. This is great!
    Love it! Great photo and love the circle embellishments!
    There's my best dog. I love Dusty. He is so funny. The papers are lovely and the colors great. The circles go so well with his fresbees
    Oh, that's so cute! The border of circles is perfect & looks great.
    What a fun layout. I like the circles.
    Great! I love the row of frisbees below the photo.
    LOVE this. Dusty is a dog after my own heart. I like to have multiple errands before I take the time to make the trip. The black paper sets him off beautifully and the circle border is perfect for the Frisbee theme.
    He looks like "don't mess with me", but I'll bet he loves playing with those Frisbees!I like how you used the circle theme to refer to the Frisbees!
    That's just adorable! I love the journaling :) I also really like the multiple uses of circles in the layout to tie in with the frisbees :) Great fun!