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Napa Salad (Chinese Salad)

Napa Salad (Chinese Salad)

If you're looking for low calorie, low fat, low ANYTHING, this is not the recipe for you! :D

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BMU_Countryside _Paper_Solid-Red,
Dragon clipart: internet,
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    I have a friend who makes a similar salad and it is always a hit. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Love the red and the dragon.
    LOL. Wonder why it sounds so good! Pretty card, too.
    I was so relieved to hear this was not a "low" anything. This looks so good - another guilty pleasure. Love the Chinese red and your dragon tucked under and over the card is perfect.
    This sounds really good. I love the dragon - nice touch.
    Sounds Wonderful! I really like the way you used the dragon!

    I love the dragon! I was born in the year of the dragon... Recipe good too.