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Friday Challenge 9 Jun (Seasons)

Friday Challenge 9 Jun (Seasons)

Malaysia is a tropical country and we don't really have seasonal changes, just a wet season and a hot dry season, though with the climate change recently, which of these seasons we're in at any time is anybody's guess. So i've done up a layout about a season that is just beginning to hit its stride and getting people everywhere all excited - the DURIAN SEASON! Yep, we folks in Malaysia are crazy about our durians!

To explain a little, durians are those huge fruits with a hard spiky shell outside, and soft edible insides. They emit a very strong, characteristic aroma - durian lovers swoon in ecstasy at the smell, while haters swear they smell like anything from gas to flatulence. If you've ever made a trip to Singapore around this time of year, you would probably have had people trying to convince you to try it. Some brave visitors do try it and love it, while others never get past the fear of the thought. For some strange reason, the roof of the iconic Esplanade Theatre strongly resembles a durian shell, and in its early days there was a running joke among Singaporeans that if you wanted to get to the Esplanade by cab, the driver wouldn't know what you were talking about. You would have to tell him you wanted to go to the durian building...

In case it's too small, the journalling reads:
June 2011. Durian Fever has hit Malaysia full force, and families up and down the country are gathering over the King of Fruit. Mummy is just glad to get these shots of Neko-chan enjoying his durian, for he just might stop liking them tomorrow.

    Wonderful photos and I love the colors. I really like background and the photo arrangement. Thanks for giving us the interesting information.
    Cute photos. I heard a lot about durian when I was planning to go to Malaysia on business, but the trip was cancelled. It was clear that it was popular in Malaysia, and an acquired taste for most Americans. I like the newsprint mat with the bright yellow-green to make your photos pop.
    Neko-chan is really loving his Durian. You are right, children are so fickle that they love it today and leave it tomorrow. I like how you mimicked the spikey exterior of the fruit in the journaling tage and in the background paper and I also really like the Durian with the Crown! Great job.
    I had to look up durian in the dictionary. What a contradiction - "pleasant tasting, evil smelling." Cute pictures and I like your zigzag circle with the journaling.
    That must be quite the fruit! Cute pictures of your little man!
    Great photos & layout! I have heard about Durian before, and the things I've heard scare me. But I'd probably try it if I had the opportunity.
    Lovely photos and very interesting notes about durian. Love the colors and your title.
    Darling photos of Neko-chan! I love the spiky journaling mat, the colors of the layout, and the crown on your "king of fruit" embellishment. Thanks for the info, too. I'd never heard of durians, but think they would be interesting to try.
    Heh thanx for the love ladies! Do try the durian if you get the chance, it'll be a truly unforgettable experience. =P

    Anyway, just wanted to add that i added the newsprint under the photos coz that's exactly how families in this part of the world enjoy durian at home. We spread newspapers on the floor, bring out a chopper and a thick rag for the person in charge of opening the durians, and park ourselves on the floor around the newspapers and start hacking and enjoying. Each fruit tastes slightly different, so every new durian opened is a new taste experience. Looking forward to this year's durian gatherings!
    Really nice page! I love the colors and those cute pic of Neko-chan. Thanks for the info on the durian. I've had one once long ago...like it. It's not something we can get here ever. I love your interpretation of "season". You thought outside the box and came up with a great page that captures a wonderful memory of you and your boy. I'm so glad you joined in the challenge!