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Thursday 6-7-12 Challenge -- Lines In Nature

Thursday 6-7-12 Challenge -- Lines In Nature

I took these photos at a couple of parks near me. They are both pretty parks and I just love to walk around them and then sit and relax and watch nature. The waterfall is not a large one, but it is nice and I love the sound of rushing water.

The ducks represent contour lines which are lines that define or bound an edge. The waterfall represents straight lines in the water rushing over the edge of the rocks.

Supplies Used:
BMU Countryside Collection -- Paper Teal Distress, Tape, Frames
BMU AYO Zoom 12x12 Countryside -- Butterfly
BHA Blossom and Blooms Fall -- Cattails

    Beautiful! I love the "swatches" of patterned paper you've used that "frame" your wonderful photos! I love the sound of a waterfall too!
    Beautiful photos Carol. I love the frames and colors. Lovely layout.
    Beautiful Carol and your photos are so pretty! I like the different layers of background you put together into a wonderful whole and I really like your interpretation of lines. Great layout! :)
    These phots are very pretty. I like your background paper too with its soft lines. Love the waterfall.
    Very peaceful looking layout. You know I love the bird photo, and the waterfall photo is lovely, too. Pretty frames, and I like your nature embellishments.
    Pretty photos the waterfall is especially nice. I like the mix of color & pattern in the frames.
    Beautiful photos and I love the way you framed them both around the photos and then with the papers and butterflies on your layout
    More great photos :) I love the textured paper you used here and the patterned pieces.