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Turtle Crossing 2012

momwife and friend
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The background photo is a picture of a pond taken on our walk around the lake.

The snapping turtle was sitting at our deck. Our dog was barking frantically, not knowing what this was.

I extracted the turtle from the backyard photo and put him or her in the pond where it belongs.



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So cute and clever. I had to take a look when I saw the thumbnail on the forum page. I like the way you used the sign post for your turtle crossing.

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Wow - beautiful photos and wonderful extraction and blending. I really like how you put this whole page together. Great layout! :)

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I use the lasso tool to isolate the image and get rid of the background. Then I use the eraser ,set the brush to round brush, opacity 100% and normal. and start erasing,

as I get closer to the image I am extracting I reduce the size of the brush to keep the edge of the image as crisp as possible. I then add a background shadow to give the image depth. After I put the image on the background I clean up the image if I see any outlines that should not be on my layout using a very small brush.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for looking.


quote name=scrapper11' date='12 June 2012 - 10:09 PM]

Great extraction - any tips ?


What a lovely pond - just perfect for the turtle :)




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Beautiful photos and great extraction. I love the sign post. I really love this layout.

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