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A milestone birthday



A milestone birthday

This is not a regular scrap, meaning I didn't use scrapbook material, but I used only pictures from my dad when he was a child and when he was in his mid twenties. He's going to be 70 next month, and we are planning a huge party for him. This is the invitation I made. I was inspired by the pulp fiction movie posters and comics that were very popular in the forties/fifties of last century.
Apart from the pictures I used a picture of some candles grouped on a table for the very background, and mixed it with a bokeh texture and some grunge overlays, to have that grainy look.

    Beautifully done! It looks like an authentic old time move poster. Wonderful photos and great colors. I love it!
    Wonderful job, it does look like a movie poster.
    This is awesome. I love the movie poster look. It's very creative. Our girls are having a party with a movie theme. I may have to do something like this for the invitation. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Thanks for the comments, it was so much fun to do this!
    Great idea!
    It really does look like an old movie poster - he'll love it!
    This is really great. I love the old movie poster look and your photos are integrated so wonderfully. You've done an amazing job!
    This is stunning. I love your 'Movie Poster'. Your Dad sure is a handsome man. Love the colors. Very clever layout.
    This is just gorgeous - I thought it really WAS a movie poster! You did a wonderful job of putting together photos and your blending is wonderful. Great journaling about your Dad - super page! :)
    This is Marvelous! I love that pulp look! What a great -- and creative -- idea. It helps, I think, that your Dad is as handsome as a movie star, too. :D