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Tuesday Freebie Challenge Jun 12 (right side)

Tuesday Freebie Challenge Jun 12 (right side)

IT'S FINALLY OUT... i've been working on this forever. i'm a S-L-O-W scrapper. =)

Journalling reads:

(purple block) - Dancing in the aisles is an integral part of the Wiggles concert experience, just like bringing a rose for Dorothy the Dinosaur, playing the guitar with Murray, and of course, shouting the traditional “WAKE UP, JEFF!” But who would have thought that the normally rather shy Neko-chan would throw himself so wholeheartedly into dancing and singing along to almost every single song? From Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to the closing medley, the little guy was grooving away in the aisle and thoroughly enjoying himself. Mummy couldn’t help but snap photo after photo of Neko-chan in action, and there are sizable portions of the concert where i have completely no recollection of what happened on stage. And through the whole time, all i could say was...

(blue block) - Turns out that today was the opening day of The Wiggles Celebration Tour, which will be the final tour for Murray, Greg and Jeff. This was also the day that the Wiggles broke the news of their retirement to the fans. And so the concert ended, with the kids on a post-concert high, but one would notice that the adults all looked a little sad. These guys have been entertaining kids for 20 years, and us parents have become strangely attached to them. i’m just glad to have attended their final tour as the original Wiggles, and captured this poignant shot of Greg, Murray and Jeff bowing a big, final goodbye.

    Beautiful photos and colors. I especially like the one of the boys dancing in the aisle! Super journaling, too. I'm a little sad, too, that the Wiggles are retiring. My grandkids used to be great fans just like Neko-chan.
    I love all your photos and how lovely it is to see your little boy enjoying himself. Really great two page layout. Very interesting.
    Okay this is a FUN FUN FUN 2-page spread!! Love the way you blocked it all out and got plenty of great photos and journaling! Excellent job :)
    The Wiggles are definitely Awesome! I love the clean look and how you used color in your layout!!
    It's fantastic.....