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Fri 6/15 - Two Fonts - Tractor Trouble

Fri 6/15 - Two Fonts - Tractor Trouble

When we were staying at a farm in northern Minnesota, John was so excited to play on the rusty old tractor in the front yard "one last time" that he didn't notice the steel pipe railing next to the sidewalk.

(…Running full speed towards railing … BAM!!) "Owwwww!! Mommy!!" The trip to a nearby clinic so John could get stitches for the gash right under his nose made our visit even more memorable.

A New Day Collection Mini by Jen Reed
A New Day Paper Solids Mini by Jen Reed
Pirate Code Typewrite Alpha by Jen Reed
Scrap Simple Ripped Cardboard Embellishments by Jen Reed
Font: Veteran Typewriter

    Oh, wow - that's some story in your journaling - who knew looking at that adorable photo what happened afterwards - ouch! :( Love your framing and blending and I really like how you put the many different pieces of your background together so pleasingly. Wonderful layout! :)
    Poor little boy. But boys will be boys. My son swallowed a marble at that age, and everyone in the hospital knew who he was, as we had to take daily trips for x-rays to see if it passed.
    Lovely photos and blending. I love the mesh, papers and the border strips. Great layout.
    Cute photos, and i 'enjoyed' the story too. Like they say, boys will be boys. My boy has managed to fall down in school twice and has two separate scars on his forehead. The first time, he got FIVE stitches at the grand old age of three! His teachers are understandably rather nervous whenever he starts to run... kekeke!
    Great layout, great scrap.....
    Oh no, sorry about the mishap - 1 or 2 of our 3 boys are rather accident prone and I can totally relate! Love the layout and cute, cute photos.