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Friday Challenge 15 Jun (Mixed Fonts)

Friday Challenge 15 Jun (Mixed Fonts)

Just in time! Wishing all of you and the men in your life a Happy Fathers' Day!

(My daughter just started kindy and hasn't mastered the art of colouring yet. Hehe!)

    Oh, she did a fine job and sure Daddy will love it! I really like how you scrapped the gifts and included a photo of the kids and Dad. Also really like your title and the cartoon people! Great layout. :)
    She did a wonderful job and I'm sure Daddy will love and cherish it! Your layout is awesome! Love all the different alphas you used in the title! Adorable LO!
    Oh, how cute! I'm sure your husband will love it and the original art works. Such a cute idea. JayJay did pretty good staying inside the lines. That background is just perfect.
    this is too cute! love all the doodles and drawings. the title work is fantastic! fabulous job.
    This is so cute. I love the picture for Dad and the little stick figures are so sweet.
    Hehe thanx for the love ladies! i'm not too sure Joyjoy did most of the colouring in that picture though, i guess her teacher helped her quite a bit. Those little strokes of colour along the boy's pants, the girl's shirt and her right temple - now THOSE are Joyjoy's handiwork! Kekeke...

    (i'll give her a break. She's only been in school for 2 full weeks, and for someone who is so delayed developmentally, i'm VERY pleased with her progress. People in church have been noticing the change in her!)
    Very sweet! Great layout of good memories.
    So adorable. I bet DH was so please with his loving gift. Great layout and memory for years to come!
    Awesome......love it.
    Sooo sweet! I love the altered alpha title and the inclusion of the kids' artwork.