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Monday Pet Challenge - Ca$h

We had a foster pup named Ca$h. The grands loved playing with him. His owners have got a daughter and when they asked her what should they call him, she told them that when she was walking in town, she stopped to pick up some cash off the street. Just then she got the call for the name. So Cash it was. I then changed it to Ca$h and the owners loved it.

Ro_SSDLO_LiftedTrios_1; ABR_PuppyBreath; ABR_OldFriend_Emb_Staple-2; Sba Basic Shadows6501

PS. We fostered Ca$h so that he could have all his injections before being flown to the United Arab Emirates.

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Adorable pup!! Angie's collection is perfect for your photos! I really like the trio of lifted photos! Thank you for participating!

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Ca$h is a cutie! Great photos with the kiddos and nice use of the paper strips to add a little extra color to your layout.

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