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June 19 - Freebie - A Breezy Day

This photo was taken on a windy day at the beach. I loved how the palm branches were moving and thought it had kind of an etched look and that might look nice with the copper paper. I worked on the photo and embellishments with PSE effects. Re-worked the paper into 8.5x11 format.


A Breezy Day



BMU_Seascape_EMB_Sand copy


JRE_PirateCode_medal copy







Photo Information for June 19 - Freebie - A Breezy Day

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I love the effects you achieved! What a cool photo and great job recoloring! Thanks for joining the challenge!

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Gorgeous! I too love the effects that you achieved. I love Palm trees. I lived in Los Angeles for 35 years and never got tired of seeing them blowing in the wind. I can hear the wind rustling through the palm fronds as I look at your photo. I love the halo effect around the fronds, just beautiful. This is going in my favorites file.

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Wow, this really IS stunning. I love what you did with your wonderful photo and it really does look etched! You really did such a super job of matching the embellishments and I really like the wave. :)

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I love the way the palm trees turned out! They look wonderful with the black. The metal embellishments look great with them too. Super idea and super layout!

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