Other images in Re-JUNE-venate 2012

Task 5--Winning the Lilly

Documenting the surprise photos of my son learning he was the Lilly Scholar for our county. (Lilly scholars get full-tuition scholarships to any university in Indiana.)




ABR_UrbanLive_Stitch_Straight2.png (used twice to get odd # of embellies)


CVA_SSTools_Scripts_SupplyTracker (retired)

HDI_ShdwBasic-11301 (retired)



Forgot to list: JRE_SSDLO_Wanted

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Wow! Congratulations to your son! Love the photos, especially the first one. He looks like "What did I do?"! Love the title and journaling, too! Great LO!

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You must be very proud. The photos are great. How fortunate that you had a blank wall to work with, it really makes the subjects stand out. Nice work!

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BIG CONGRATULATIONS ON THE LILLY SCH0LARSHIP! That will be a great ticket to his futer college degree! Wonderful pictures, his expressions say it all!

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Congratulations to you and your son. What a wonderful accomplishment. The phots are great and I enjoyed reading your journaling, great background layering too.

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Congratulations to your son!! How wonderful for all of you. The blue ribbon embellie adds the perfect touch to a lovely page.

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