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Leah & Nathan's Wedding

Leah & Nathan's Wedding

I had my laptop with me at the hospital so what better to do than scrap!

I used

KME DLOTemp Clusters
BMU Love Honor Cherish Wordart
AFT Motherly Collection

    Oh, Shannon! You are TOO FUNNY! What a true ScrapGirl! I hope you are feeling ok and can't wait to see pics of Ava.
    Lovely wedding layout, great photos and I like the colors you used. Pretty and celebratory pages... Glad to see you, get some rest! :)
    You are amazing - and a bone fide scrapping addict! Lovely layout, I especially like the arrangement of the photos.
    Way to go! Digital scrapping and having babies! Congratulations to all of you. I hope you are feeling well. Very pretty layout!
    Pretty clusters and colors. Great photos and template.