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Re_June_venate_Task 10

Re_June_venate_Task 10

Been done for awhile but I hesitated to post it, LOL.

Let me just say that Harry is one lucky little dog. Look at those eyes.....only a Mother could love him. And, he's ruined that chair. Bad dog :-)

    Oh, it's adorable! Harry is a real cutie. I love the photos on the wall & the photo of Harry on his pillow (your sofa?) is priceless.
    How cute! Great layout.
    I think Harry is adorable. I love, love, love your quote. The pictures on the wall are a cute touch. Clever and lovely layout.
    He is one cute dog, love the photos especially the one of him on your chair. Love your wordart and the pictures on the wall.
    Your title is wonderful, I really like that ribbon woven through the letters. I'm probably going to borrow that idea. This LO is so cute. Great job!
    LOVE this! Harry's gallery is so cute. I really like the ribbons threaded through you title. Come on to my house, Harry. I will spoil you, too.
    Why on earth would you hesitate to post this?! It's AWESOME! Love the background paper and how you weaved the title through the ribbons! Harry is adorable, too! Love it!!
    Oh, Dot! Are you kidding me??? THIS is the LO you were hesistant to post? It's wonderful and I laughed outloud at your photos and journaling. First thing I thought of was the "Harry the Dirty Dog" books... :D
    I LOVE your wonderful photos and great extraction and I really like the creativity all over this page! Your background is perfect doggie-wallpaper and I love Harry's framed pics and embellishments. Oh, my - we sure would have missed out if you didn't post this one! Super layout. :)
    Too funny! I LOVE this, Dot. What a hoot. I suppose you'll frame this and hang it over his chair, lol.
    I love the whole concept of making a page that looks like it could be a room in Harry's house er... mansion. I approve of his choice of wallpaper and decor. :D

    Great colors, and I love the title work, especially the ribbons that look a lot like a leash.
    Very cute. Dog and layout!