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Thursday Challenge 21 Jun (Shape and Value)

i was originally using a blue 'spacey' background for this, when the hubby commented that it looked like some kind of 1980s action cartoon show. Not exactly the effect i wanted. So to jazz it up a bit, i switched to this background, and proudly showed it to him. Only to have him positively howl in laughter, gasping that it now looked like something from the 1960s. Fine then, whatever. The way i see it, the 60s were cooler than the 80s. =P


For the challenge requirements, i hope the empty coloured frames fulfil the shapes requirement, and the dark and light background fulfils the values requirement. To my unschooled eye, i just think the strong lines lead the eye to the title and main graphic while providing some energy to the layout, while the frames add a splash of colour and interest and a little movement as well.

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To me it just looks great. Love the extraction of the photo and the outline around it.

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I love this. So creative and just like a movie poster in a very good way! I must remember this when I am at Disney - definitely one of my favorites.

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