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Monday Challenge 6-25-12

Monday Challenge 6-25-12

Dirty Santa
Journaling reads as follows:
"In the Pierce family, since there are so many of us, the adults have the tradition of playing a version of “Dirty Santa.” Everyone buys a nice
$20-$25 gift (not a gag gift). When it’s time to play, we draw numbers and go in that order. If you like the gift, you can keep it. . . unless
someone else decides they like it and steals it from you. It usually results in a whole lot of hilarity and everyone has a great time!
The wearing of santa hats and reindeer antlers is optional!"

Supplies in EXIF

    Great page - we play that game, too but we call it a "Yankee Swap"! You're right - there is lots of laughing and fun during this activity each Christmas. Your photos are wonderful and I love how you cropped them as Tags and ornaments. I also really like your background and title -- and enjoyed your journaling! Great layout! :)
    Our family does a version of that, too! Lots of fun.
    I love your photos, especially how you made them look like Christmas ornaments and tags. It's great seeing the festive Christmas red and gree this time of year, too. Puts me right into the Christmas spirit!
    We play this with my Bunko group-but I've never heard it called that! Great story! I like the pictures shaped like tags and bells!! I also like the stripes in the middle and the diamonds too! Well done!
    Great LO. we play that too. I have a photo of my adult son wearing his gift of dangly earrings.:P
    We did this one year but I did not like giving my gift up so we did not do that again. These days the girls just swap out with me anyway and I get left with the soap. Posted Image
    Love your layout. It's so pretty. I really like the photos in the gift tags. I must remember this. Wonderful idea. TFS.
    We have a "dirty santa" tradition too, except nobody can agree on the rules!

    Love how you made tags from the photos-very creative!
    Very cool page! Fun tradition!