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Thursday Challenge 14 Jun (Texture and Colour)

Thursday Challenge 14 Jun (Texture and Colour)

Okie this is really late, but i'm a really slow scrapper. Anyway, i'm trying to meet challenges as i scrap the photos from our recent holiday to Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia, and Genting Highlands, a mountaintop resort an hour away. The background paper has an interesting texture and subtle floral pattern, and the colours i've used are meant to complement the photos of the strawberry farm, which is mostly greens, browns, and little splashes of red.

In case it's too small, the journalling reads:
Strawberries have always been one of Neko-chan’s favourite fruits. On the way down from Genting, we stop by the Genting Strawberry Farm. Armed with two little baskets and scissors, we walk among the rows and rows of strawberry plants, picking the best of the ripe and ready berries. Neko-chan thinks that he and Meimei are in a competition to see who can pick the most strawberries and keeps counting every berry he puts in his basket. But Joyjoy is not playing; this little guniang does not like walking on the soil, and wouldn’t stop fussing until Daddy takes her back into the cement-paved corridor. Later, Neko-chan enjoys a strawberry milkshake made from local strawberries... and Dutch Lady strawberry milk. Global warming has taken its toll, and the climate is no longer as conducive for growing strawberries as it was before, thereby producing sour strawberries. But that matters little to the proud Neko-chan, even as he enjoys the fruit of his labour days later at home. He insists on eating the berries plain, even though Mummy had offered to sweeten them with Nutella.

Note: 'Meimei' means little sister, and 'guniang' can be loosely translated (by me) to refer to a young, slightly fussy girl who acts all genteel and doesn't like to get dirty. Supplies in EXIF. Thanx for looking!

    Great layout! I liked reading about your trip to the strawberry farm. How funny that your daughter won't walk on the dirt. She is just meant to be a big-city girl, I guess. The layout is beautiful, I really like the design and you have great photos of the trip. Your family is lovely.
    Wonderful color choices, and the photos and journaling are just perfect!
    The photos are lovely and the journaling really great. Lovely two pages.
    Yum, Nutella makes everything dreamy! I can't believe he turned you down. This is really super too. I like your arrangement of the larger photo on top, journaling in the middle and smaller photos below. The kids are really too cute!
    Love your layout! Awesome photo holding the strawberry toward the camera. All look great!
    Love, love, love the 2-page layout! Your journaling is spectacular and the photos are beautiful. I love that you explained a couple of the words you used in the journaling. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Adorable 2-pager. those strawberries look so yummy. Great work, thank you for sharing.
    Your photos are so beautiful. I love the way the two pages go together and especially the little strawberry embellishments you've added to both pages. I think I'll go and have some strawberries now. :D