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6-27 HNC journaling

thanks for the challenge... got this fun one done with the great new stuff from brandy

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Bahahaha love the squishy face comment. How funny. Personally I think today's kids are born plugged into electronics; no upgrade seems to bother them, but me, heading towards the squishy face days, can get overwhelmed easily with new technology. Can't email, and wordprocessing be enough?

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Lovely photo, she doesn't look old at all. Cute conversation, thanks for sharing it. I like your wordart, too.

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Adorable! Good for you actually writing down some of Nathan's cute remarks!


I love the collage look you've given the page, and think it's a great way of using scraps of paper for the different remarks. Beautifully put-together!

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The things kids say!laugh.gif Just love this page, the colours the layout. My favourite part is the journalling on strips.

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