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mountain flower

mountain flower

this is a photo my husband took on a mountain hike. my friends have a lovely home in idaho springs, wedged into the mountain. i had never been to any mountain and in my mind i thought it would be all green and trees. but i guess if you climb high enough, its pretty scrubby, but the earth does manage to grow a few flowers up there.

i used background blenders, pens and pencils, hdi shadow actions, items from naturlist, picturesques and mre jif 6

    Oh wow! I love the elements peeking out of the envelope ~ absolutely gorgeous!
    I agree with Durin. Gorgeous layout!
    Just beautiful! Love that cluster!
    Great job. It makes me want more.

    I love the layering of all the elements tucked into the envelope. Your color palette is very appealing, too. Great job!