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Make Way -Thursday Challenge

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For Pat's challenge regarding space.



Shosholoza, a traditional miner's song, was originally sung by men of the Ndebele ethnic group that worked in South Africa's diamond and gold mines. The call-and-response style song expressed the hardship of working in the mines. As a sign of encouragement and solidarity, the word Shosholoza or "chocholoza!" means “go forward” or “make way for the next man.”

Mrs. Bronaugh, the choir director, chose Brian to sing the solo of the African folk song for the Fall Chorus Concert in 2011. The crowd silenced and sat in awe as a young, unassuming teenage boy filled the air with the strong, confident calls of the melody and the chorus responded in harmonious kind. In three minutes my son, my boy in eighth grade, transformed into a singer...a leader...a man. At the end of the rendition, an explosion of cheers, applause, and standing ovations confirmed the excellence of the performance. One woman even predicted that Brian would one day be President!

Shosholoza became a favorite of the chorus and they sang it at every engagement. However, Brian’s voice soon deepened so he “made way for the next man,” passing his solo on to another student.


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I went on YouTube just so I could hear what the song sounds like. It must have been truly stirring. Good for Brian!

I love your blending, especially the way you carried it across two pages and into the title and journaling. Lovely colors, too. Gorgeous and special layout!

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Gorgeous page, Julie. Fab pics too. but the journaling brought it all to life! What an amazing for your son...and his proud parents, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing this...and glad to see you posting again! :)

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Lovely layout, and i really enjoyed the journalling. You must have been so proud! Beautiful layout, and i like how the butterflies are scattered across the two pages. Great job!

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Shosholoza is a lovely song that South Africans always sing at rugby and soccer matches. In fact any get together is reason enough to start singing. It was so interesting to read your journaling. I love your photos and the torn paper. Really wonderful layout.

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