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Task 19--Prom 2012

It is hard making a prom LO for a guy! I used SNU_ColorSwatch on the photo of them getting out of the car to get the palette (blue/lavender). I did my tutorial practice on the blue paper behind the main photo. It was a plain blue and I burned the two SS_Papers on it for depth/texture. Supplies I used:


AWI_Murano_Paper_Beige-Blue.jpg (retired)





CED_SSDLO_Album_12x12_Moments (retired)

CVA_SSTools_Scripts_SupplyTracker (retired)

HDI_ShdwBasic-11301 (retired)



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This is absolutely gorgeous! The photos are stunning and the blue paper you created looks lovely. I must look up that tuTorial.

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Lovely page! I like the frame and overlay effect you used on the two large photos. The line of smaller photos along the bottom is great, too.

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Great job on the papers! They're beautiful. I also like that transparent frame.

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This is a really beautiful and special page. Love the black background for the formal occassion and the lavenders and blues work with their outfits and give a masculine feel. I really like that transparent frame and your paper from the tutorial is great. I am going to try that too.

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