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Locker Buddies

Photos of myself and my friend Lauren from senior year of high school and our high school reunion.



Lauren and I met on the first day of Freshman Orientation at our neighboring lockers on 2nd floor Brescia. We made an instant connection; one that would last all four years of high school, and beyond. Throughout high school, we had different classes, and our lockers drifted apart, but we were always back together at weekly homerooms and all occasions that called for lining up alphabetically. When we reunited at our 10-year reunion, our reactions were instantaneous: the shriek, the yell of “Locker Buddy” across the bar, and the enthusiastic hugging tackle. Even though we’ve grown older and gone our separate ways in the real world, our Freshman connection remained. Re & Reck: Locker Buddies forever!



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Photo Information for Locker Buddies

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How special to have the photos of then and now. I enjoyed reading your journaling. Nice use of angles on the page.

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THis is a great page! You two haven't changed all that much...really! Those are great pics. And I love the tilt! It adds much energy to the page. Nicely done, Tiza.

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I love your before and after photos and the great journaling. How wonderful it must have been to see your 'Locker Buddy' again. I like the photos and papers at an angle. Lovely layout.

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