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When I saw Belle's pictures, I knew exactly which template and wordart I wanted to use. I've had this "Happy Girl" template forever, but never had a reason to use it, and Laura Louie's "A Little Dirt Never Hurt" wordart was perfect! Hope you enjoy them, Belle.

Supplies used:

Scrap Girls: Elisha Barnett--Teal Zeal Collection,
Laura Louie--LLO_BoyJoy_WordArt_DirtNeverHurt,
Syndee Nuckles--SNU_SSEmbTmplt_ScatteredPictures_4_PSD,

Free Digital Scrapbooking Supplies--Happy Girl Template

    Monica, thank you for two lovely pages. It's awesome, stunning, beautiful and WOW. I love it.
    The double page spread is wonderful. The pages stand on their own as well as a two pager. She is such a pretty little girl and just having the time of her life in the dirt and mud.
    Looks like she's really having a blast! Beautiful LOs! Love that blue background and mud splatters. You are right...the word arts are perfect with this!
    Love a girl who isn't afraid to get dirty! The teal looks great with the orange in the photos. Thanks for joining the swap this month!