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When I saw Belle's pictures, I knew exactly which template and wordart I wanted to use. I've had this "Happy Girl" template forever, but never had a reason to use it, and Laura Louie's "A Little Dirt Never Hurt" wordart was perfect! Hope you enjoy them, Belle.

Supplies used:

Scrap Girls: Elisha Barnett--Teal Zeal Collection,
Laura Louie--LLO_BoyJoy_WordArt_DirtNeverHurt,
Syndee Nuckles--SNU_SSEmbTmplt_ScatteredPictures_4_PSD,

Free Digital Scrapbooking Supplies--Happy Girl Template

    The title is just perfect for the photos. I'm glad you chose this one to stand alone. She really looks like a 'Happy Girl. That bg paper is absolutely beautiful.
    Love this page. The orange in her outfit goes so well with the orange title. The aqua paper makes the photo pop. You did a beautiful job with these photos.
    Boy, this photo really does say Happy Girl! Lovely pattern on this page & I do like that chain with the beads as a border.