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HNC Stars & Stripes- First Haircut

HNC Stars & Stripes- First Haircut

Stefan had the cutest curls when he was little. It broke his mother's heart when she had it cut the first time.

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    Really cute photos, love the arrangement, with the different shapes and lifted corners.
    What cute photos! I like how you used striped stars. :) Great job with the challenge Belle.
    Those curls were adorable! But he still looked cute even after they were gone. Very clever of you, combining the stripes inside your stars. ;) I like your colors and the starry background. Lovely page for a sweet memory.
    I hate that first haircut....hate to see the curls go away. Little boys go from being babies to being boys with that first cut. But nicely documented. He doesn't look so sure about the cut himself...LOL
    Wow! Nicki really looks like he did - those gorgeous blue eyes. Great photos & I like the way you used the stars & stripes. Great memory, I'm sure. Hope you are feeling better.
    Bye bye curls! My youngest had curls too, so I well know it's a bittersweet moment when they are cut. I like the striped paper behind the photos and how it's echoed by the striped stars. Looks great!
    Oh, it would break my heart, too. Such beautiful hair and such a beautiful child! You definitely had to use blue for the title on the yellow bg with those eyes and that hair. Sweet page, Belle!
    Gosh, what gorgeous curls AND Stefan! Your photos are adorable and I like how you arranged them. Also really like all the stars on the page and your title too. :)
    Ahhhhhh what a cute 'stars and stripes' theme page :)