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HNC Stars & Strips - Ben's Book Cover Page

HNC Stars & Strips - Ben's Book Cover Page

This will be the front cover of Ben's book. The two hand drawn pictures are PECs (picture exchange communication system), and are there for Ben, they look odd and out of place to me. One other thing, the pages will be printed 6x6, so I've tried to keep it as uncluttered as possible.

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    What a neat project. I like how you used the border for stripes and the star cluster.
    Great idea! I like the PECs - they are clear and, as you say, will mean something to Ben. Great color choices. I especially like how you've stitched down your stripes and circle. The stars give nice dimension to the page.
    I really like this idea too. How wonderful and special for Ben. I like your cloth paper, the stitching and the soft colors. I would like to do this for my boys - they would love this.
    This is nicely arranged. I don't think the PECs look out of place.
    I like the PEC's, Valerie - and I agree with Diane - they mean something to Ben and are very clear and concise! I love the cover to Ben's bedtime book!
    I like the PECs. They make sense given the book's purpose. I love that picture of Ben! He looks like he's grown up quite a bit recently.
    I like the layout - the colors & stripes look great as well as your cluster of photo & circles. I think it will look great at 6 inches which is about what it is on my screen, actually. I don't think the PEF's are out of place - this gives it meaning for both of you.
    This book is such a neat idea and will be so special to Ben! I love the restful colors and yummy texture, plus his happy smiling face:) And yep, the PECs are for his benefit and it's his book.
    When I first saw the page I thought it looked like a book cover. Nicely done. Cute picture and I also like the simplicity of the page. He should really like this!
    That's a great photo of Ben. He always looks so happy. I love the strips and stitches. This is a lovely cover for his book.