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HNC_Old Soldiers

HNC_Old Soldiers

A slightly different take on the Stars and Stripes, but I think it's appropriate :-) Thanks for the fun challenge, April!

Journaling: ed had talked about his old army buddies for years. finally in 2012 he was able to track down several of them. He couldn't find one sergeant whose name was common, but was able to locate his buddy larry by recalling that he said he would never leave tacoma, washington. he knew that his friend donnie, pictured here, lived in the town where he grew up in north carolina, and had even been able to visit him on several business trips. sadly, one of the group of friends whom he met in basic training had passed away in 2010. ed, larry and donnie met in charleston, sc and had a wonderful time catching up on each otherís lives and remembering lots of stories from their army days together. they all said it was as if no time had passed since they last saw one another. they hope to reunite again in a year or two in washington, dc, since forty one years was much too long to wait! 6/9/12

    Where do I begin, Dot? Masterful composition, marvelous combination of colors and textures, and wonderful embellishment touches such as the dog-tag chain. I love the photo effects, too. I'm putting this into my favorites, but I don't forsee ever being able to lift it. I'm just going to open it now and then to remind myself what good scrapping looks like.
    Wow! What she said...really great layout. Love everything about it.
    Interesting take! It is a neat design - I like the star as the journal box & you have some great photos of then & now.
    Diane said it perfectly, Dot! Fabulous layout - perfect in every way!
    What a wonderful, heartfelt layout! I love the composition, the colors, the photos... gorgeous!
    Very beautiful layout. The story is amazing. I love the photo strip. Your embellishments are perfect. Your photos are amazing. Stunning!
    What a great layout. I love the type shape you used and the fact that it is OD green. I have used facebook to find some of my old military friends. I love the fact that we can keep in touch.

    Lovely, Dot. What a special page commemorating a special event. I really like the colors you used and your photos are wonderful. Super layout. :)
    Fantastic page! I really like your take on this challenge. :)
    This is wonderful and loved reading your journaling :)