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Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun

We started out with a mild summer, but it quickly got hot! Since we donít have a pool, we turn on the sprinkler for the kids to play in! They definitely enjoy it, and like to do silly things! Caleb and Leah were taking after the big kids and sticking their butts in the water!



    I like the template you have used. This brought back memories of my childhood of playing under the hose. Great choice of background paper.
    Pretty design - I like the bright ribbons and how the journaling block is tucked in with the photos. It looks like a great time - I can remember doing this as a kid.
    I love the design and all those adorable photos. Great way to capture a fun memory. :)
    Great montage of the kids having fun. Lovely cool colours.
    Cute photos and lovely template. I love the circles and the colors. 'Cool' layout.
    I like the arrangement of you photos. I'm marking it as a favorite for a future scraplift. I also like your butterflies as accents and how you tucked the date in the side.
    I like the arrangement you chose for the photos and your use of ribbon! Looks like a great way to stay cool.
    Fun arrangement of the photos and I love the colors.
    I like how you arranged the photos and the way you used those warm colors against the cooler blue background.